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For those looking for commercial finance on commercial property
For those looking for commercial finance on commercial property
For those looking for commercial finance on commercial property
For those looking for commercial finance on commercial property
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Investment properties are a great way to invest and make money. We can assist you in financing an investment property. Typically, the rates for financing on investment properties are higher than owner occupied homes and the LTVs are lower, due to the fact that default rates are higher on these types of loans.
Many clients are now considering a Commercial property as part of a diversified investment portfolio. Commercial investment property is seen as a safe haven for investors providing a good level of return on your initial investment without the fluctuations normally associated with the stock market. A number of the large investment houses are now offering unit trust schemes that invest 100% into Commercial properties.

the property as property values increase. property values increase. There are a number of hot spots in the country which potential investors should be aware of and should make sure that there homework and due diligence is as in depth and professional as possible.

With a Commercial investment into property lenders may look for the investor to have a slightly larger deposit then someone who would be buying to occupy the premises themselves. A lender would also require that the rental income from the property would service the mortgage interest by a given margin, this would vary from lender to lender. The principle here is that as it is an investment it must be on a self funding basis. The attraction towards commercial investment property mortgages rather then the residential buy to let (BTL) is the stability in the Commercial sector and an almost guarantee of future income which will increase when the rent reviews are agreed. It must be stressed as with any investment that diversity in the portfolio is essential to achieve maximum investment returns with an acceptable balance of risk.

Whether you are an experienced property investor or are looking to get a first rung on the investment property ladder, A Commercial Mortgage 4 You have a different approach to help you build or start your investment property portfolio. We at A Commercial Mortgage 4 You do our best to take away some of the stresses of buying a Commercial property with our intimate knowledge of the market and working closely with the lender and Solicitors to make the path towards completion as smooth as possible.

Investment property loans come in all different types with various terms, depending on the property being financed. We invite you to take a minute and browse our website to see what other investment property we can assist you with, from shops, offices, holiday homes, to nursing homes and golf courses. Loans on investment property are usually tailored to each property type. We always try to look at your long term plans when we arrange your finance in order that it fits in with your wishes

Investment Property
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With the new style leases normally reviewed on a 3 or 5 year basis and with rent guaranteed only to stay static or increase you have a very safe investment which although should be considered a long term one (10 years) the flood of money into this particular area is producing some excellent results. The investor in Commercial properties can expect to see a good level of return from the rental income together with the capital appreciation in
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